Share Your Card(s) With Us!

Have a special card (or cards!) in your collection that you’d like to write about and share with fellow collectors?  Consider submitting an article to Daily Trading Cards!  Here are some recommendations to help you write an article:

  • Include high quality picture or scans of the card you’re writing about.
  • Identify and talk a bit about the card set and/or insert set that the card belongs to. Explain what is unique or interesting about the card set.
  • Discuss why you like the card and/or what makes the card unique.
  • Depending on the card’s rarity, tell how much it goes for on eBay and/or discuss how easily another person can purchase a copy of the card.
  • If there is an interesting story behind it, share with the reader how you acquired the card.
  • Try to write as engaging of an article as possible with as good of spelling and grammar as possible. We are happy to help with editing as well.

If you have any questions, want to run your ideas by me, or if you have an article written and want to submit it, email me at: