The End of this Cardboard Voyage

Well I’ve been working on this site for six months now and while I am proud of the content I have created here, I have never really found much of an audience and I’m finding it difficult to keep running this website fresh and fun for myself.  As a result, I think it is time to end Daily Trading Cards.

Most of the people who visit my site followed and read my previous site, and it has been a pleasure having you visit this site.  If you’re interested, I have another site which I created a long time ago and didn’t have enough time to maintain.  It is about the hobby I’ve had for a couple of years now and really enjoy called miniature wargaming.  My site is called Battles in Middle-Earth and I specifically cover Hobbit and Lord of the Rings miniatures but I also may pick up the Fallout miniature game in the future and play it as well.  While most of my articles are focused on playing the game, I will be posting more articles showing the things I’ve painted/made.  So if that sounds at all interesting, do give me a follow and I hope you enjoy reading it.  If not, that’s okay too.  I’ve really appreciated all your support and I will continue to follow your sites as I still love video games and reading all your thoughts on them!

For those of you who do collect cards, I hope you continue to enjoy this hobby as I know I will for many years to come!

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