Behind the Scenes Set Star Wars: A New Hope Black and White – SOTD

Creating a behind the scenes set for an iconic movie that was made quite a while ago is a lot different than a recent release.  As you will see, it can make the cards a little more special than if the movie just came out.  I’ve covered my collecting journey with Star Wars: A New Hope Black and White but I recently finished collecting the set I was most excited about.  It is a massive 41 card set which is insane for insert cards and it was not cheap to put together as I generally paid about $4 a card.  Was the set worth it?  Let’s find out!

Mark and Alec Star Wars A New Hope Black and White Topps Behind The Scenes

One of the greatest strengths of this set is that the images are the generally excellent.  There is a wide variety in them as well.  For example, the above image is a nice shot of Mark Hamill and Alec Guiness smiling in between their work.  It is well-documented that Mark Hamill was really impressed by Alec Guiness’s credentials as an actor and tried to learn everything he could.  I’ve heard stories that Alec Guiness went on to hate being in Star Wars and whether that is true or not, I don’t know but it is much nicer to see an image like that of the two actors than to dwell upon Alec’s later feelings on Star Wars.  Of course, an image like this of now iconic characters and actors is pretty special too and this set has quite a few cards like this one.

Creatures and Patrons Star Wars A New Hope Black and White Topps Behind The Scenes

Other images like the one above show a unique side of Star Wars and one that George Lucas might like us to forget.  He is famous for tinkering with the Star Wars movies, especially with the Special Edition release but even with the more recent Blu-Ray things were altered.  One area of the movies he was probably less than proud of is some of the aliens in the cantina scene.  As you can see above, the costumes were pretty humble in origin and images like this remind you how much movie making technology has advanced even just over the course of the original trilogy.

Mark in Tunisia Star Wars A New Hope Black and White Topps Behind The Scenes

One of the other cards that stuck out to me is the one above with Luke Skywalker.  Does something look odd with this image?  Luke is using the force evidently while walking around his home before Obi-Wan began training him.  Very unusual, right?  Well it turns out an early promotional shot was allowed to depict Luke in this way.  Its obviously anachronistic and not true to Star Wars as we know it but an entertaining and surprising image nonetheless.  The image also reminds us that things like canon were not important with A New Hope which is almost hard to imagine now.

Prepping the Hall Star Wars A New Hope Black and White Topps Behind The Scenes Front

One of the most interesting cards is this one which features set used for the famous ending celebration.  In the movie it looks like there are tons of Rebel Alliance members celebrating the victory but as you can see, there actually was quite a small number.  As the back describes below, they used some movie making magic to avoid having to hire a bunch of extras which was smart!  This is a detail that I would have honestly never guessed and to learn something new should always be part of a card set like this.

Prepping the Hall Star Wars A New Hope Black and White Topps Behind The Scenes Back

While I wouldn’t say every card is as interesting as the ones I selected for this article, this set is full of strong images and some fairly interesting card backs as well.  I do think that this set was worth the trouble to collect and it features some behind the scenes images that I’d be willing bet you can’t see anywhere else.  Star Wars: A New Hope Black and White is one of Topps’ best Star Wars releases in years and I’m looking forward to collecting Empire Strikes Back in the near future!

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