A Well-Earned Victory Galactic Moments GM-18 – COTD

I was digging through my collection looking for something interesting to write about that might uncover a different aspect of the card collecting hobby.  Fortunately, I was able to find that when looking through my binder for the first Galactic Files set.  I loved the first two Galactic Files set.  They had great ideas from Topps.  A base set that is an encyclopedia of Star Wars characters, weapons, and ships.  The biggest base set ever created as well.  It was a crazy ambitious and cool idea and it worked.  Topps has done this set too many times since and it has lost its luster but the first two sets were definitely trading card gold and flipping through this set reminds me just how magical it was.

A Well Earned Victory Front Star Wars Galactic Files Foil Galactic Moments Return of the Jedi Topps

One of the things that made the sets so good was the rare and hard to put together Galactic Moments set.  These cards were foil and basically black and white except for lightsabers which were colored.  As soon as I saw these cards, I was struck by how nice the images were but also how similar they are to the Black and White cards now.  While the appeal is certainly very similar, I think the card I picked is a great image from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.  It has many of the most important characters in a happy moment.  It feels like the best family moment in the whole series actually.  The foil effect doesn’t really show up in the card’s picture much but it is nice as most foil cards are and you can see why this set was a special one for Star Wars fans.

A Well Earned Victory Back Star Wars Galactic Files Foil Galactic Moments Return of the Jedi Topps

The other reason I picked this card is because the Galactic Moments set was tough to put together!  They were 20 card insert sets and they were not cheap at the time.  I got many of the cards off eBay but I never finished collecting it.  That is perhaps the bane of card collectors, especially now.  There is so much to collect and only so much money to get it.  You have to be careful not to overextend yourself at times.  The market for a given set is good for about a year or two and then the supply of those cards dwindles and the price usually rises.  I’m lucky in that I can generally finish what card sets I start collecting but this is one that truly got away from me and I’d love to finish it as you can see it is quite a nice set and it would help finish my Master Set from Star Wars Galactic Files too.  Today’s card of the day highlights a worthy card but it is also a reminder to keep working hard on collecting what you enjoy because it can become disheartening if you see a lot of holes in your collection or sets that you never were able to finish!

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