Tony Stark Iron Man Costume Card – COTD

While I know I have already sung the praises of this great set, I’ve been in a bit of a Marvel mood and was looking for a Marvel card I own that is worthy of the Card of the Day treatment.  I had to look no further than this costume/memorabilia card featuring the one and only, Iron Man!

Tony Stark Iron Man Costume Card Rittenhouse Archives Marvel

I chose this card for a couple of reasons.  One is that Iron Man is one of the best Marvel movies ever and certainly one of the most important.  The card set for Iron Man is a great one and these cards in particular have a beautiful design as well.  The gears on the right are perhaps a little dated and look a bit too computer-y but when you mix the grays with the light browns on the left, the colors contrast nicely and really draw your eye in.  While you would never know it, the costume swatch has a soft texture and feels exactly like what you would imagine Tony’s jacket to be like.  I always like touching a costume card just to see what the clothes feel like (as weird as it sounds!) and I think this is the rare one that surprises you and feels different than you would expect.

Tony Stark Iron Man Costume Card Rittenhouse Archives Marvel Back

While the back of the card is nothing special and is mostly rehashed designs from the front, that is okay with a costume card.  You know what the back is going to say and no card companies put much effort into including anything interesting on the back.  Whenever I see Iron Man cards in my collection, I think about what the Marvel card sets would look like if Rittenhouse had kept the license after Iron Man.  They did such a great job with this set and they do amazing work with Game of Thrones as well.  That isn’t to slight Upper Deck as I think they have done some great things but Rittenhouse might have been better stewards of this license had they been given the chance.  Whatever the case may be, these costume cards are top-notch and definitely worth hunting down for any fans of Iron Man!

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