Slowking Japanese Pokemon Card – COTD

I have a very unusual card for you today!  I’ve talked about a lot of the most interesting parts of Pokemon TCG and why it was an important part of my life but one thing I haven’t really discussed is how crazy some of the cards could be.  There are a number of wild promo cards that weren’t easy to find and did some surprising things.



A good example of this is the Slowking which was not a Pokemon anyone had heard of in the United States and yet, I remember one day my brother came home from school and showed me this interesting card he had traded for.  As it turned out, it was a card from a special set released in Japan that showed Pokemon that had never been seen before in the US.  A Slowking is a Slowbro with its shell on its head (which is kind of comical as I look at it now) so it was instantly recognizable and yet, it was something I had never seen before.  It was also odd to see Psyduck and Bellsprout alongside him because most Pokemon cards only show the subject of the card in the image.  That is not the only thing that is unique about this card, it has a “reverse holo” meaning that instead of having the card art be holographic, it is instead the borders and text of the card.  The reverse holo is more subtle of an effect than the image above probably makes it appear and is actually quite nice.  The card art is also good as a non-holo so I’d say this is well-designed.



Truthfully, I don’t trade cards very often and mostly just buy whatever it is I want or need.   But when you’re younger, it is a huge part of collecting cards and this card is one of the best ones that I can remember ever acquiring in a trade.  I have no idea what my brother traded for this card but I believe it wasn’t anything rare or especially prized in our collection and for years now we’ve had this odd promo/special release card sitting in our collection.  A quick search of eBay indicates that this card did come out in English later on but it seems to be hard to get and is surprisingly valuable at $20-30 so that also makes it a highlight in my Pokemon TCG collection.  Having an unusual card that is a little bit unique like this one is really nice and can spark conversations when you show your card collection to others.  Even if you don’t like trading, it is worth keeping an open mind as well because you never know what you might come across that way.

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