Sandcrawler – Star Wars: Special Edition Widevision Card – COTD

Back again with another update and I have a special one for today.  One of my favorite Star Wars base sets is the Special Edition Widevision set.  Star Wars: Special Edition was huge for me because it was the first Star Wars movies I saw in the theater.  It also was a somewhat unusual situation where a filmmaker went back to a beloved set of movies and changed up many details.  The opportunity to improve the visual appearance and do things that could not be done when the movies were made was certainly a big selling point and that is something that this card set really focuses.  The results of those changes might be a mixed bag in some fans’ minds but I think there were some really cool updates/additions including on the card for today.

Star Wars Special Edition Widevision 4 Front Topps A New Hope Tatooine

The new scenes with the Sandcrawler really showed off how impressively large the vehicle transports were and as you can see in the image above, they show off some beautiful landscapes of Tatooine as well.  Obviously, the landscape image is perfectly suited for a Widevision card and it is a unique image from Star Wars that I haven’t seen on other sets Topps has released.  That alone is enough to make this card be valued in my collection.  I think the design of these cards is very timeless though too.  The brown borders are pretty unique in Star Wars cards and while the font style is odd, it is interesting the way it tells you the exact location of the card in Tatooine as well as the card name on the front.  As you can see the Special Edition Widevision cards are pretty unique among Star Wars cards.

Sand CrawlerStar Wars Special Edition Widevision 4 Back Topps A New Hope Tatooine

As with previous Widevision cards, the back uses the extra space the card allows effectively.  The image of a Tusken Raider and the Sandcrawler look nice as a background and while quite a few cards have this same image, it is not overdone and there are a number of designs for the backs of the cards.  What is really impressive is the information on the back.  Not only is it neat that it provides so much information on how the Sandcrawler shots in the movie were made but it is cool that they used the original model which was twenty years old at the time to keep the same look of Star Wars.  These kind of details are something you would see in a Behind The Scenes book and here it is on a trading card.  This set is full of interesting insights like this and if you like to know more about how Star Wars was made, I’d definitely recommend buying a Special Edition Widevision set.  The sets are a little pricier than average for a base set but $20-25 is worth it for these really nice looking cards.  They have aged really well and are a real highlight in my collection.  I’m positive I will talk about more cards from this set in the future too.

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