Triscult Wacky Packages – COTD

My apologies again for the slow updates.  If you’re in the US you probably heard about the horribly cold weather the Midwest got this week and the city where I live (Chicago) received the worst of it.  It was so cold that I couldn’t be in my office where my computer is for long so updating the site had to wait a bit.  I hope to get back to regular updates on the site and I appreciate your patience.

I’ve been on such a Star Wars roll lately, I decided I need to take a break and cover something else so as not to bore non-Star Wars fans.  I have a couple of Wacky Packages cards left I want to spotlight and I hope that these bring a smile to your face!

Triscult Wacky Packages Topps

I’m sure the fact that I think Triscuts are not good tasting crackers is part of why I enjoy this card so much but it also so many gags on it that it is pretty impressive.  This is also the kind of dark humor that I love.  The name Triscult is absolutely hilarious in and of itself.  Its so clever and obvious and yet, I would have never thought of it.  I like how they designed the hidden eye in the cracker and The Supreme Leader in Snacks is creepy and darkly humorous.  “Don’t Think.  Eat.” Indeed!  I would also be remiss if I didn’t point out the excellent cartooning on the cult member.  It is comical what Triscult has done to him even with such dark subject matter.

Dukin Donuts Wacky Packages Topps

In much the same way, the Dukin’ Donuts is so obvious, it is funny.  The great cartooning really brings this dirty dozen together as well.  My favorite little detail on this one is the angry donut spilling the coffee on someone’s head.  It is a clever spoof of the logo and really summarizes what this card is about.  In many ways it also summarizes the attitude/mentality of Wacky Packages.  A rebellious take on popular consumerism.

So there you have it.  Those are my favorite Wacky Packages cards in my collection.  I don’t think I’ll be buying more in the near future but I did really enjoy writing and sharing these with you.  If you like Wacky Packages and want to see some more content for them on the site, I would encourage you to submit an article and I’d be happy to publish it!

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