Star Wars Galaxy 2018 Box Breakdown

Happy New Year everyone!  For X-mas this year, I got a box of Star Wars Galaxy 2018 to split with my brother and he got me a box of Rogue One: Mission Briefing to split with me which was an incredible surprise.  I was really, really excited about Star Wars Galaxy 2018 and had high expectations since it has been so long since the last Galaxy release.  How does this new set stack up with past Galaxy releases?  Let’s take a look!

Star Wars Galaxy 2018 Topps Base Cards

Base Set – One of the reasons I was so excited about Galaxy is the base set is truly worth collecting.  Much like previous sets, there is a wide range of subject matters and most cards look good, if not great.  I was happy to get a complete base set in the box as well.  One thing that did surprise me is that they did not continue the numbering from previous sets which was kind of nice and showed how long of a series this has been.  I won’t get into too much more detail about the base set because I may write about some of them for future Card of the Day articles!

Bronze Ahsoka Star Wars Galaxy 2018 Topps

Journey of Ahsoka – I have to admit, I don’t watch any of the Star Wars animated shows so I’m not terribly excited for cards that focus exclusively on them.  That is the case with the Ahsoka set which looks pretty nice and has a nice foil effect.  I got the complete set in my box and will probably hang onto them even if I know nothing about the character.  Getting a bronze version which is numbered to 25 was really nice as well.

Star Wars Rebels Wanted Poster Star Wars Galaxy 2018

Wanted Posters – Just like with the Journey of Ahsoka, these focus on one of the Star Wars animated shows so I wasn’t terribly excited about these.  I got a full set and the foil around the edges is pretty nice and something different so credit to Topps for that.  I like the Wanted card style which debuted a while ago on the Star Wars Card Trader App but this set wasn’t too exciting.

Star Wars Galaxy 2018 Rogue One Propaganda Poster Topps

Rogue One Propaganda and New Trilogy Propaganda – The propaganda posters have always been at least kind of cool in previous sets and I love Rogue One so I was considerably more excited about these.  I got eight cards in total with an even split between the two.  The two pictured above are definitely my favorites and I like them pretty well but the rest that I got weren’t all that exciting.  I’ll try and finish the Rogue One set and add that to my collection if nothing else.

Legend Characters Star Wars Galaxy 2018 Topps Glebe Brothers

Legends Character – I got two of these in my box and I was excited to see these as they are drawn by the Glebe brothers.  The cards are pretty dark so the foil effect is a nice contrast to the artwork.  Overall, these cards are great and won’t be an easy little set to put together if you only get two per box.  If they aren’t too expensive, I will definitely try to track them down on eBay.

Star Wars Galaxy 2018 Foil Puzzle Card Topps

Etched Foil Puzzle Set – A staple of the Star Wars Galaxy series and something I will definitely collect even if it is Last Jedi related.  I love these cards and am proud to own all of them or nearly all of them.  When you look over them side-by-side it shows how much card technology has improved since the 90’s when they first debuted.  I was a bit disappointed to only get one in my box and I’m curious how hard it will be to get this set online.  Usually they aren’t too bad to track down and I will certainly try to do so.

Queen Miraj Scintel Autograph Card Star Wars Galaxy 2018 Topps

Hits – Here is where things were disappointing.  Unfortunately, my brother and I pulled the hits early in the box which killed the suspense and was pretty deflating.  We pulled an autograph card pictured above from one of the animated shows.  I’m glad it was a limited number auto (out of 50) but I have no idea who the character is and sadly, it is not worth almost any money.  We also pulled an Ewok patch card which my brother took for his collection so I don’t have a picture of it.  I liked the patch cards in Galactic Files but they are not great in Galaxy.  I don’t think many collectors want to collect a patch version of an older Star Wars Galaxy card and to be honest, I think Topps chose them because they look better in the fuzzy printing that patch cards have.  All in all, not getting a sketch card or a better autograph is a pretty big disappointment and a serious flaw in Galaxy 2018

Final Thoughts – I hate to say it but I can’t recommend Star Wars Galaxy 2018 if you’re buying a box.  The base set and insert cards can be gotten online easier and the hits are underwhelming unless you hit a sketch or auto that you really want.  If you’re pretty lucky, you can get something good but its more likely that you’re going to get a mediocre autograph and a patch card like my brother and I did.  I’d say you get about half of the box’s price ($45-60 value in this box without hitting something nice) which is a shame.  Star Wars fans deserve a bit better than this and Topps needs to stop putting manufactured hits (patches and medallions) that don’t hold value/are cards fans want.  This is not a new problem and probably not one that is going away any time soon.


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