Big Boss Bowser Battle Enterplay Super Mario Bros. Wii – COTD

Recently, I purchased a lot of Mario cards on eBay.  I used to run a website called so you can probably guess that I love Nintendo and Mario games in particular.  When I discovered Mario (and Zelda) cards, I knew that I wanted to get some and see how they were.  While I may share my overall thoughts on the set in another article.  I do want to focus on a card that I think represents the base set pretty well.

Big Boss Bowser Battle Enterplay New Super Mario Bros. Wii Front

The front of the card has a nice image from the game.  In this case, it just so happens to be the final battle with Bowser!  The borders on the card are a little basic/bland to me with the exception of the black one which looks good.  Overall, it is a simple base card that looks good but doesn’t blow your socks off.

Big Boss Bowser Battle Enterplay New Super Mario Bros. Wii Nintendo Back

What is impressive is the back which has tons of information on it.  The Game Tips section gives you some advice for how to beat the final boss of the game.  While I don’t know that the information is groundbreaking (its been a while since I played this game), it is perfect content for the back of a trading card.  The trivia questions are also cool and much appreciated.  The questions are actually pretty hard and I wouldn’t be able to answer either of the questions on the back of this card.  Hopefully all the questions aren’t quite as tough as these.  Finally, while the contest is long over and you’re ineligible to win now, having a chance to win some prizes from your card set is also really cool.  It might be nice if the contest information was not printed on the card itself but I feel that way mostly because the back of the card is so busy even without that text.

Overall, I really enjoy the backs of these cards quite a bit and it is almost like a strategy guide which is a book written to help you enjoy the video game you’re playing as much as possible.  This card works in much the same way and while it isn’t the best card I’ve ever seen in terms of design, it is a fun one for Mario fans.  Fortunately, these cards can be purchased new in boxes for a relatively fair price online $70-80 and you can find lots for sale as well.  I don’t know if a box is worth buying since there aren’t any truly high dollar cards you can pull but it probably would be fun to open all the same.

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